My Story

How I lost, and found, my true self


How did I start?

Life is just a journey and it's in our hands to make it as enjoyable as we can. Like a meandering river which makes its own course, my journey started miles away from health and fitness.

Married at 19 years and a mother of two beautiful daughters by 21, somehow I lost my path towards myself. College, family, kids can be very overwhelming at such a young age.

Then I was confronted with an unpleasant reality. My weight touched 100 kg, and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, hypothyroidism and high cholesterol at 22 years. I was badly treated by my endocrinologist and went through extreme body shaming.

I wanted to show him that I can be more than a slob and couch potato. That was the initial driving factor towards weight loss. My unhealthy life compelled me to dive down and confront the harsh realities.

How did I move towards fitness?

I started with an unhealthy approach towards nutrition. Went through extreme low calorie diets and excessive workouts, leading to muscle loss. This in turn ruined my immune system and I became extremely susceptible to frequent urinary infections. I looked fit and healthy from outside but was very unhealthy and weak from inside. I was pursuing fashion designing as a career at that point of time, but I felt my heart was in the health and fitness sector. I first wanted to cure myself through proper wholesome food. So I started pursuing Nutrition.

During the topsy-turvy journey of my life, I realised that diet is like an anchor, as human beings are born to move. Keeping that in mind, I completed more than 1000 hours of training in yoga asanas, pranayamas, meditation and yoga philosophy. I also learnt thoroughly about ayurvedic food, food based on individual doshas, sattvik food etc. And in the end, I emerged as a different person - the person I always knew I should be.

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Years Of Experience

How can I help you?

I’ve spent years studying, training, working with doctors, working as a Gym Nutritionist, personal health coach, being director of NKN and more. I now feel that my true calling is to enlighten as many people as possible to take educated decisions towards health and fitness.

Who can avail my programmes?

Professional certifications

Professional accolades gathered over the years